Key Katz

The safe way for children to carry a house key.


Most kids carry a house key on a lanyard or some type of rope/string around their neck, not only does this pose a risk of strangulation but also brings to people’s attention that the child will be home alone, not a good idea in this day and age.


The KeyKat 

  • can be worn on either wrist
  • attached to a 3 ring binder
  • attach to a backpack
  • can be clipped to a belt loop on shorts, pants, skirt or a zipper pull on a jacket
  • The head doubles as a change purse for milk/lunch money

How it Works

To unlock the door, simply pull the key out without removing the keykat from the wrist and unlock the door, pull the tail and the key goes back in it’s pouch ready for the next use.

Attaching key to elastic loop:

Pull the elastic through the hole in the key
Open the elastic to create a loop, pull key through the loop and pull on the key to tighten.