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Features and Benefits of the SnuggleTITE Slumber Bag

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Advantages of the SnuggleTite Slumber Bag over Blankets and Conventional Bedding

1. Baby blankets, are frequently kicked off during sleep, the SnuggleTite slumber bag offers plenty of room and freedom for movement and kicking yet it won’t be kicked off or slip off. Baby remains warm and cozy in their SnuggleTite slumber bag for optimal sleep. Thermostat may be set lower in the evening for better respiration and rest with out the risk of cooling down baby. No need for restless sleep on your part from constant checking and tucking in – a definite advantage. The whole family can enjoy a restful nights sleep, waking refreshed and prepared for the day. Starting your morning off, well rested, puts your whole day on a fast track to greater harmony.

2. Enables parents and babies to establish a better sleep routine.>

3. Diaper changing is easy with the SnuggleTite slumber bag. The durable oversized zippers with two way opening, provide easy access and a speedy change. Even zipped open the bulk of baby’s body remains covered. Before baby can chill and awake, the change is completed with hardly any change in temperature.

4. The SnuggleTite slumber bag is a great help in establishing a sleep routine. It will become a welcomed and cozy ‘sleep signal’ to help make bedtime a pleasant ritual. Moving a sleeping baby or toddler in the SnuggleTite is easy with little fear of waking, as body temperature is maintained. Whether it is from room to room or car to bedroom.

5. Babies while establishing sleep habits in early months, can wake up and easily fall back to sleep in their SnuggleTite slumber bag without having to be settled again.

6. Night-time feeding is much easier. Baby can be easily lifted out of the crib/bassinet still comfy and cozy in their SnuggleTite slumber bag. Maintaining body temperature, throughout feeding and changing creates the comfort that insures an easy return to sweet dreams. You will wish you had one too!

7. The SnuggleTite is perfect for travel, allowing your baby or toddler to have the familiarity of home on planes, trains, hotel rooms, and outings.

8. SnuggleTite helps keep baby from entanglement in the crib bars.

9. SnuggleTite makes it easier to insure baby doesn’t climb from the crib.

10. Soft and fluffy insulation made of 100% high loft polyester fiberfill is sandwiched between all natural 100% cotton on the inside and outside. Hypo allergenic; it is great for all babies especially sufferers of allergies or asthma.

11. Great for those cold nights/mornings at the cottage, camping and boating. It is easy to ensure baby will stay warm and cozy all night.

12. Snug tightening ensures baby’s comfort and that baby won’t slide down or wiggle out of his/her SnuggleTite.

13. SnuggleTite avoids the worry with blankets, of entanglement and covering baby’s face or sleep disturbance from being kicked off. SnuggleTite Slumber Bag is the best choice of bedding for baby’s comfort and temperature control. It helps keep baby warm without the fear of overheating or suffocation.

14. Durable easy care 100% cotton and 100% polyester fiberfill is machine washable and drip dry.

15. It converts easily for those times when you want a blanket. Quickly zipping open and laying flat with a removable pillow it s a great travel companion. Opened flat it becomes a sanitary surface for a great play area or change cloth.

16. SnuggleTite easily accommodates newborn through to preschool. One size fits all makes it superb value. Unlike garment/vest style sleep bags there is no need to replace it every few months as baby develops.

17. Although no product will prevent SIDS, it is believed by authorities such as the US Safety Commission, the American SIDS Institute as well as the American Paediatric Physicians that baby sleeping bags can help minimize the risk.

SAFETY NOTE: For the safety of your baby/child, always insure fasteners are clipped together to prevent possible chocking hazard.

Foundation for SIDS recommends-

Product Safety Commission and various SIDS organizations have recommended that parents remove loose blankets from bassinets and cribs because they can gather around baby’s face and cause re-breathing of stale air.  Although no product will prevent SIDS, it is believed by authorities such as the US Safety Commission, the American SIDS Institute as well as the American Pediatric Physicians that baby sleeping bags can help minimize the risk.

    • Place child to sleep on back
    •  No loose pillows, blankets, duvet, or quilts to be used
    •  Not to layer too many blankets on the child
    • Use a light sleeping bag
    • Not to make the child too warm
    • Keep covers off baby’s head and face
    • Tuck blankets around baby, so they can’t wiggle down under the covers
    •  Keep nursery temperature at a comfortable level